We at K.Home Appliances take great pleasure in acclaiming itself as one of the leading suppliers in the field of stainless steel kitchnware,Table ware and Hotel ware since 1970.With trademark Devidayal Bombay-2 the pioneers in stainless steel industry we have giffted the market with a wide variety of ultra modern stainless steel articles.Our goal is to exceed the customer exception by providing premium quality product at competitive prices. We are best know for our quality,trust and reliability.

Over the years we have created one of the most effective and respected quality management system is manufacturing.To keep the leading position its vital that everything we develop up to the world class standards.

With the younger genration taking charge,the company is exploring new opportunities by making every possible attempt to understand the demand of our customer and bringing in inovative products,hence satisfying the demands of our prestigious clients.we can make almost all products possible in stainless steel and can be your on-stop-shop.Give a chance to prove our worth.

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